A Cry for help!!!!!

I feel the need to raise awareness of the tragedies that recently happened on the Balkan peninsula, when floods of Biblical proportions destroyed huge parts of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In these 3 countries, three months’ worth of rain fell in just a few days, causing rivers to burst their banks and sweep into people’s homes.

The water rages


Floods have affected about 2 million people. Entire villages and towns got evacuated and are now covered with 1- 5 meters of water. The number of people who lost their lives is still unknown and with rescue hindered by the flood waters I am sure that number gets bigger with every hour… Damage is enormous.

Bosnia  flooding



But as the water is slowly receding, danger is still far from over. Numerous landslides happened and have burying everything on their way. Countless minefields that were left after the war in 90’s got washed away and displaced. Along with the warning signs. The smell of rotting animals floating around is unbearable. Disease is  threatening as the temperatures rise.




People affected by this act of nature have lost everything. They left their home to avoid the coming waves of flood water with only the clothes they were wearing at the time. Tens of thousands of people are now placed in shelters, depending on people willing to help them. They have no food, no clean water, no clothes, no medicines, no health products. For some of them, it will take years before they’ll be able to go back home. And even then, they won’t have anything…

And even though I don’t live in that part of the world, this matter is important to me. It is important because all these disasters have affected my friends. One was stuck on the roof of a house for 3 days, waiting for help, another has lost a house and a horse ranch. Just like other tens of thousands of people. So it has to be important. Not just to me, to entire world. This is a tragedy.

These countries have been forgotten by everyone, and have been poor ever since the war in 90’s, and many people were still recovering after that, and now, this happens. Ok, war was a stupidity of a mankind, but this wasn’t their fault. They didn’t deserve this…

Help them. In any way you can. If you skip one beer or a cup of coffee, and donate that amount of money, you will feed one person who’s suffering right now…

To get a real idea of the suffering watch these videos:

Please help if you can if you can’t give yourself just share to increase awareness






UPDATE: 23rd May 2014 23:37hrs


I wanted to see what was happening to see if there were any updates after looking in a few NEWS sites I could find nothing!!! So did a google search looking for NEWS in the last 24hrs nothing absolutely nothing …. this is appalling




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