Armand de Périgord … the ‘true story’!!!

Armand  gently brushed the years of dust away to reveal the lid of a small wooden box, taking a deep breath he grasped the sides and slowly lifted the aged wood as the rusted hinges let out a small complaint of  resistance.

As the light fell upon the contents for the first time in many years Armand knew his quest had in one moment in time both ended and began.

The quest for the discovery had finished with the creak of the hinges; and his quest for the salvation of mankind had just started………

……the story continues.


This is a small extract from a story I have been working on for a few years , the protagonist of the story is Armand de Périgord a past Grand Master of the Knights Templar who disappeared during the 13th Century (there is a brief introduction to him below …

Armand de Périgord was a descendant of the Counts of Périgord and  was elected Grand Master of the Templars in 1232.

When in September 1239, Armand arrived at Acre he made a treaty with Sultan of Damascus. Soon (in 1244) the Sultan of Damascus demanded that the Templars help repel the Khwarezmians from Asia Minor.

In October of that year, the combined army of the Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights, together with the Sultan of Damas, confronted with Sultan of Egypt and his Khwarezmian allies at the Battle of La Forbie.

The combined Christian-Muslim force was defeated, with more than 30,000 deaths.

Some Templars and Hospitallers reached Ascalon, still in Christian hands.

History says Armand de Périgord may have been killed during the battle, or may have been captured and survived until 1247.

But now we hear for the first time the true story of what really happened to Armand de Périgord………..

The Templar:True Origins

……pulled from the battlefield and thrust into an unending battle for the whole of mankind Armand must face his own demons and the armies of the enemy to save the very soul of creation.


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