A newbie



I have to admit like many people out there my introduction to the fantastic works of George R R Martin was via the HBO production ‘Game Of Thrones’ (and of course my favourite character is the imp himself Tyrion Lannister and yes I am very aware just how dangerous it is to have a favourite character as they could die at any moment.



You may ask why I have chosen this moment to admit this fact well I received the gift of a voucher for Audiobooks.com and was at a loss what to buy when it dawned on me that as a new fan I should really go back to the source, so decided to pick up a copy of the first in the collection of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ itself of course named Game of Thrones all I can say it is a weird experience to listen to the story all the time hearing the character descriptions and the voices ‘chosen’ by the voice talent b ut in my minds eye ‘seeing’ the actors from the TV show.


Well that’s all just wanted to share I know not exactly exciting but hey I never said I would be exciting .


If you don’t mind sitting at your computer or on your phone for 8 hours you can hear a version here on YouTube


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