Well said sir



This is my second Game Of Thrones post in a few days but I saw two posts on Facebook that I felt deserved a mention, in a recent episode Tyrion and Jamie sat in the imps cell as he prepared for his ‘trial’ and reminisced about a cousin and his habit of crushing beetles with a big stone.

I was very amused to see the image below of George R R Martin sat with a big stone crushing his lead characters and despite quite an extensive search I have been unable to find the original artist so am unable to give them credit.



This image was quickly followed on my wall by George R.R. Martin’s Open Letter About the Deaths in Game of Thrones which I can’t copy and paste below because the site won’t allow it but ‘killer of kings’ makes some very good points about how and why he kills off who he kills off in his saga so please follow the link, read and comment here …



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