Let’s try this one more time

So once again I am trying to work on a blog. So often I just let it fall to one side not posting for months if not years at a time. I am going to try and commit myself to making at least one post a week., this should be quite easy even if it is just to share a latest design, a story I am working on or even just a tutorial by myself or from another I have found useful or just interesting.

Today I am going to share a quick menu I created a few weeks back for a friend in County Cork.This friend is a Royal Arch Mason (click here if you are not sure what that is) His chapter were celebrating a big milestone but I will let the menu for what is refereed too as the festive board let you know what that was.

The menu cover was a reproduction of the poster I had created a short while before



That’s all for now I’ll be back soon (hopefully)




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