As some of you will know I used to run a small press called ‘KnightWatch’ which was handed over to Theresa Derwin as part of ‘Fringe Works’ in early 2013, one of the books published under the press was Rhonny Reapers Roadkill Café and anthology of stories based on Roadkill. In that anthology I had a story called ‘US20’



A short while later another anthology ( Ten Silver Bullets )opened up with ‘Crowded Quarantine Publications’ looking for Werewolf stories so after a few edits I submitted it and it was accepted. Soon it will after a few more edits be appearing in my short story collection ‘To Date’ from ‘Quarter Press’






Back when it was only available from KnightWatch Press I was lucky enough for the wonderful Tonia Brown to record the story and here it is in all it glory with her beautiful voice




Armand de Périgord … the ‘true story’!!!

Armand  gently brushed the years of dust away to reveal the lid of a small wooden box, taking a deep breath he grasped the sides and slowly lifted the aged wood as the rusted hinges let out a small complaint of  resistance.

As the light fell upon the contents for the first time in many years Armand knew his quest had in one moment in time both ended and began.

The quest for the discovery had finished with the creak of the hinges; and his quest for the salvation of mankind had just started………

……the story continues.


This is a small extract from a story I have been working on for a few years , the protagonist of the story is Armand de Périgord a past Grand Master of the Knights Templar who disappeared during the 13th Century (there is a brief introduction to him below …

Armand de Périgord was a descendant of the Counts of Périgord and  was elected Grand Master of the Templars in 1232.

When in September 1239, Armand arrived at Acre he made a treaty with Sultan of Damascus. Soon (in 1244) the Sultan of Damascus demanded that the Templars help repel the Khwarezmians from Asia Minor.

In October of that year, the combined army of the Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights, together with the Sultan of Damas, confronted with Sultan of Egypt and his Khwarezmian allies at the Battle of La Forbie.

The combined Christian-Muslim force was defeated, with more than 30,000 deaths.

Some Templars and Hospitallers reached Ascalon, still in Christian hands.

History says Armand de Périgord may have been killed during the battle, or may have been captured and survived until 1247.

But now we hear for the first time the true story of what really happened to Armand de Périgord………..

The Templar:True Origins

……pulled from the battlefield and thrust into an unending battle for the whole of mankind Armand must face his own demons and the armies of the enemy to save the very soul of creation.

The Last Embrace

From time to time I try my hand and brain at writing and sometimes I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with some great people, this is the story of a little story that has now appeared in three formats.





this story was written to appear in the charity anthology Kizuna: Fiction for Japan. The audio version was recorded by my very good friend and talented author and voice actor Tonia Brown although the story is actually told from a male point of view I think her voice has a soothing and appropriate sound, and the video was put together using Tonia’s recording by Daz Zombie Productions headed up by CJ Hutchinson


It is a short piece and shares the fears and feelings of a Father as he tries to care for his little girl during a post apocalyptic setting.

It is a very personal piece for me as I call my own little girl ‘baby girl’ and my greatest fears in this life is that I may not, at the required time be able to protect her and her two older brothers.

I am not sure if ‘enjoy’ is the correct sentiment for this piece of work but I hope it at least stays with you.



a short story

It had felt like an age since he had taken her deep into his arms to try and offer some form of comfort, with each passing moment the warmth of her small body diminished. Brushing aside one small blonde curl he ran his finger across her forehead; the fever had now broken and the impending coolness had begun to set in.

It had been his job to protect her; to keep her safe but once again he had failed. It was only a few days ago he had been running through the tall grass behind the summer house, the tweeting of the birds carrying on the soft autumn breeze. Her soft pink hand held in his, she had looked up at him so adoringly as if she had not a fear in the world.

Then they came, no one knew what had happened. It could have been a virus, some alien bug but he knew it was most definitely a curse however it had started. For a few days he had managed to keep her protected, keep them away from her. The news said it took only on scratch or bite and whatever it was would be passed onto the new host. He had locked the door and barricaded the windows but she was only five she didn’t understand that she wasn’t allowed to go outside.

He had yelled for them to leave her alone when he saw she had opened the door and stepped outside into the sun. They were all around and her scent had sent them into some sort of frenzy.

Left and right he had fought them off, punching and kicking with all the strength he had, this wasn’t like the movies where the hero carried a machine gun or bat, this was real life and he had felt his energy drain quickly. Eventually he had managed to pull her back into the safety of their small home and bolted the door.

He had taken her by the shoulders and shook her, his fear turning into anger. But his anger soon disappeared as tears started to cut through the dirt on her cheeks to uncover the soft pink peach-like skin beneath. Pulling her to him, he squeezed her until she started to squirm with discomfort. He had been so afraid. Lifting her into his arms to carry her into the kitchen had been the first time he had noticed it, a small scratch on her arm. He couldn’t remember if it had been there before or if she had been scratched outside. This time a tear fell down his cheek and into the corner of his mouth.

That had all been two days ago. Last night she had crawled into his arms and went to sleep. She had not slept this long since she was a baby. As he held her now her chest no longer rose and fell to the rhythm of her breathing and hadn’t done so for over an hour. He placed his finger into the palm of her hand and with his other hand rolled her fingers around it like they had done so many times before. He watched as the pink of her skin slowly turned to a cold grey, and remembered watching the exact opposite effect as he held her in his arms for the first time moments after she was born; her tiny finger nails taking on the warm glow of life. Now he cried as that warmth left her once again and her finger nails returned to that lifeless pallid grey colour.

He rocked back and forth with his ‘baby girl’ in his arms humming one of the many songs he would sing to her when she woke crying from a nightmare. He knew what was coming; he had heard on the news what would now happen. He knew he should deal with it but this was his ‘baby’ and he knew he’d be unable to.

The cold form that rested in his arms moved ever so slightly and nestled further into the crook of his neck, he place his hand on the back of her head and slowly started to stroke and he stopped humming and began to sing.

‘Hush little baby don’t say a word,

Daddy’s going to buy you a mocking bird,’

As he sang the word ‘bird’ he felt a sharp pain in his neck and he knew his worries were over?she was feeding. This was just one more time he would be able to care for his baby girl. His eyes closed and he fell into his last deep sleep.







A Cry for help!!!!!

I feel the need to raise awareness of the tragedies that recently happened on the Balkan peninsula, when floods of Biblical proportions destroyed huge parts of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In these 3 countries, three months’ worth of rain fell in just a few days, causing rivers to burst their banks and sweep into people’s homes.

The water rages


Floods have affected about 2 million people. Entire villages and towns got evacuated and are now covered with 1- 5 meters of water. The number of people who lost their lives is still unknown and with rescue hindered by the flood waters I am sure that number gets bigger with every hour… Damage is enormous.

Bosnia  flooding



But as the water is slowly receding, danger is still far from over. Numerous landslides happened and have burying everything on their way. Countless minefields that were left after the war in 90’s got washed away and displaced. Along with the warning signs. The smell of rotting animals floating around is unbearable. Disease is  threatening as the temperatures rise.




People affected by this act of nature have lost everything. They left their home to avoid the coming waves of flood water with only the clothes they were wearing at the time. Tens of thousands of people are now placed in shelters, depending on people willing to help them. They have no food, no clean water, no clothes, no medicines, no health products. For some of them, it will take years before they’ll be able to go back home. And even then, they won’t have anything…

And even though I don’t live in that part of the world, this matter is important to me. It is important because all these disasters have affected my friends. One was stuck on the roof of a house for 3 days, waiting for help, another has lost a house and a horse ranch. Just like other tens of thousands of people. So it has to be important. Not just to me, to entire world. This is a tragedy.

These countries have been forgotten by everyone, and have been poor ever since the war in 90’s, and many people were still recovering after that, and now, this happens. Ok, war was a stupidity of a mankind, but this wasn’t their fault. They didn’t deserve this…

Help them. In any way you can. If you skip one beer or a cup of coffee, and donate that amount of money, you will feed one person who’s suffering right now…

To get a real idea of the suffering watch these videos:

Please help if you can if you can’t give yourself just share to increase awareness





UPDATE: 23rd May 2014 23:37hrs


I wanted to see what was happening to see if there were any updates after looking in a few NEWS sites I could find nothing!!! So did a google search looking for NEWS in the last 24hrs nothing absolutely nothing …. this is appalling